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Nostradabut detects value bets

Easily adapt the value bets detector to your game preferences: minimum and maximum odds limits, estimated value, selection of your usual bookmakers , minimum time before kick-off, scalable betting strategy... The options are endless!

The algorithm makes its predictions on the outcome of matches in about 50 football competitions, among European and American championships, but also in international competitions.

The odds are selected from the most common bookmakers worldwide to retain only the most interesting for each bet, among those you will have retained.


Nostradabut changes the management of your bankroll.

Track your bets hassle-free with the Bets Tracker, a complete and intuitive interface, suitable for both beginners and seasoned bettors.

Sent directly to your inbox, as a push to your browser or mobile, notifications automatically alert you to new bets so that you are immediately notified.

Watch your bankroll grow day by day with the report generator, where you can analyze your performance over time and gradually improve it.

Bets management interface

Global statistics
on the 397 matchs analyzed during the last 20 days.

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Nostradabut currently covers no less than 47 soccer competitions
including the best championships in Europe and the rest of the world.
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Value Bets Detector

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About the algorithm

Nostradabut is a statistical prediction tool powered by machine learning algorithms. Designed especially for sports betting and in particular football, it has already analyzed several hundred thousand matches to establish its forecasts and is constantly improving over the seasons.

Innovative and easy to use, Nostradabut guides its users towards the right choices to make regarding sports betting. Thanks to our solution, bettors truly optimize their match analysis skills and significantly increase their profitability.

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